Project Octogram

I have been working remotely for near enough 5 years now, and more recently as part of a wider team than just myself and Dan (Co-Founder of Quuu). It’s something that is increasing with popularity among trendy new startups and thrifty SMEs alike, looking to prioritise who they employ, over where they live.

I have wanted to focus more on remote working for a while now, and I feel that now is a natural stage for me to do this. My role as a Co-Founder is now shifting from actively taking a hands-on approach to getting stuff done, to focusing on how I can get the most out of my immensely talented team. This is something that I think can easily pose a problem for many senior managers working remotely at startups. So I’d like to document this experience a little more closely and see if I can impart some useful information on either what works, or what doesn’t, and hopefully some of you more experienced leaders out there will share your experiences too for me to learn and source inspiration from!

Project Octogram is just a fun side-project to get this remote working blog off to a flying start and really focus the mind on our subject. The idea is to post an Instagram every day in October that documents exactly where I’m working, hopefully I don’t need to explain where the title now comes from :-) Aside from it being a project that will hopefully inspire others to make the leap from 9-5 office job into professional freedom, I also hope to experiment with optimal Instagram strategy by assessing which forms of post get best interaction. I'll be monitoring: tone of language used, filters on images, hashtags and image content amongst other factors.

I’ll be doing this from my personal Instagram channel as I don’t particularly want to monopolise Quuu’s profile, but I’m sure that some variants on the best ones can be used for Quuu’s Insta page also.

I generally like to switch up where I’m working from quite regularly, even when I’m firmly based in one city for a few months. I tend to orbit a trusted network of cafes, health clubs, home offices and parks depending on my mood and tasks for the day. In October I’ll be doing even more traveling than normal including trips to London, Rio, Sao Paulo, Derbyshire and who knows where else.

So to follow along, join me on Instagram and the Quuu blog and I’ll try to write regular posts documenting my thoughts, experiences and discoveries on remote working.


Here is a blog on Quuu with the results of Project Octogram - including an unfortunate anecdote where I admitted to occasionally enjoying dressing like a woman...