I'm a Co-Founder of Quuu

Born at an early age.

Played a lot of sport, mainly cricket, rugby and golf.

I have always been interested in what makes people tick, and why! Perhaps this was the foundation for my interest in branding - the heart of marketing engagement. 

After graduating from Cardiff University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Italian & Spanish, I started my own niche PR agency, grew it, and sold it successfully. 

Got the bug, and armed with a new suite of self-taught business disciplines I went about discovering where my strengths lay, and absorbing as much as possible from those around me with oodles of experience.

At present I'm working full time as the COO of Quuu.co with my friend and business partner Daniel Kempe. Every day is exciting when you're part of a fast growing startup, long may it continue!

In my spare time I indulge as often as possible in delightful food and drink with my wife Steph, I'm learning as much as I can about trading the forex markets and I'm keeping fit with circuit training, rugby, tennis, golf and snowboarding.